Happy Halloween!

Hello, girls!

I just want to wish a great day for every girl in this world and good luck for those who is going out tonight dressed up in a costume! Happy Halloween!!! :)

P.S. I will show you some Halloween looks in a couple of days:)

Lots of love,

Hair: Doughnut bun shaper

Hi, girls!:)

I've got a very long hair and love braiding, plaiting and making fun out of them so I decided to share some tips how to make one or another cute hairdo. This is my very first post in this category, so if you have any ideas or requests what should i do next, feel free to comment :)

Have you ever wondered how to get that sophisticated hair bun like celebrities have?

I have always thought that this hairdo is really hard to do and only could be done by the professionals in the hair salons. But trust me, I have found a simple way to get a very similar look and it is that easy that everyone could do that.

The most important thing you need is the doughnut bun shaper which looks like this:

They are in different shapes and colors so you could choose one similar to your hair color. I am sure that you can find it in every hair accessories shop or just buy it from eBay! It costs about $4. It is not that expensive but if you want to save some money and time, you can just spend 10 minutes and make one yourself.

Things you need:

1. A long warm sports sock.
2. One tight stocking.
3. Scissors.

Firstly, cut the front parts of the both socks so it would look something like this:

Now follow and do everything as shown in pictures below (you can use socks in your favorite colors):

And finally, you should get something like this and now the bun shaper is ready to use!

How to get a beautiful bun using the bun shaper:

(1)Now brush your hair and simply pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a scrunchy or an elastic band.

(2)Pull your hair through the center of your doughnut bun shaper.

(3) Spread your hair and wrap a bun shaper with them and then pull another scrunchy to firm your bun.

(4)Coil and tuck the remaining hair in circular fashion around the doughnut, pinning diagonally
with hairpins or long bobbypins.

You can be as creative as you like and add more hair accessories, flowers or anything you like. You can also make some plaits integrated into your bun.

Hope that it will be a helpful tutorial:)

Have a nice day,

Computergirl's Creative Contest

Hi, girls!

I've just made a look for the creative contest which lovely lady Emma is having:)
Hope you'll like it!

1.Natural look without make-up

2.Day make-up

Products that I used:
1.L'Oreal mineral foundation
2.Eyeshadow brush
3.Eyeshadow in creamy color
4.Essence black liquid eyeliner
5.Cover girl mascara in black
6. Eyelashes curler
7.Gel for eyebrows

3.Evening make-up

Products that i added:
1.Eyshadow brush
2. Blue eyeshadow
3.Eyeshadow in creamy color
4.Ilamasqua eye pencil in blue
5. Brown brows pencil
6.Essence liquid eyeliner in black

Take care,
Sugar <3

Contest entry: Harajuku girls

Hi, girls! :)

Sorry I haven't been writing for a while but I was really busy at school:( I have a lot of new posts coming up! So keep checking my blog.

Now about contest. I've just found the amazing blog of very cute lady Pangie! And she is having a contest right now. You have to create a make up/style inspired by the Harajuku girls. I love all thing kawaii because everything is soooo colorful and bright! So I decided to join that amazing contest and create a look.

So here is what I came up with:

Things that I used to create this look:
1. 120 Eyeshadow palette
2.L'Oreal mineral powder
3.Covergirl mascara in black
4. Bourjois eye pencil in metallic
5. Essence black eyeliner
6. No brand blusher in bright pink
7. Aerie kiss breath balm

This look is also a great idea for Halloween :)

What do you girls think?

Have a nice day,
Dear ladies ,

This post is not beauty related but it should be very important for every woman. Two bloggers Lauren and Sharon is having a project to help support cervical cancer. That is a very serious problem and a lot of women are afraid to check their health condition and when they finally do a cervical smear test, it can be too late to cure the cancer. For more information please check these links: http://www.mypassporttostyle.blogspot.com/ and http://laurensloves.blogspot.com/

If you have noticed, there is a new icon in the right side of my blog. You can also grab it and upload it into your blog to increase the awareness about cervical cancer to your readers.

What is more, these ladies are having a competition for this worthwhile cause called "heels that heal". all you need to do is send a picture of you wearing your favorite heels. I've made a picture of my favorite heels and edited it to look like a wallpaper.

So remember, health is the most important thing and never wait till the last minute!


NOTD: Halloween

Hi, ladies! :)

Today I did some Halloween inspired nail art. White nails with red tips and a spider web on it. Also this is an entry for sasse's konad contest:)

Something bad happened to my photo camera and it doesn't take pictures properly, so excuse me for the low quality pictures:((

Here are the pictures, it can be a good inspiration for your Halloween nails and you can make something more creative :)

Have a nice day,
Sugar <3

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