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Hi, girls!

Thanks for your nice words on my last post! I am really glad that there are some very cute people somewhere in this world who find my blog interesting, that really means a lot to me :)

But let's talk about something more funnier than that! I was wondering if you guys do internet shopping? Thing that bothers me the most about online shopping is that it is really hard to know if the clothes will be my size and not too big or too small. I have found some great internet clothes shops and want to share them with you. But i have no experience on buying clothes online. So i would really appreciate if you girls could share your experience :)

Some of online clothes shops which cached my eye: (they ship international) (they also ship international) (they ship to Europe) (they ship international)

So please check these sites they are really great! And please tell me your experience on shopping for clothes online :)

Have a nice day,
Sugar <3


I didn't get any feedback from you guys on my latest post and I am really sad:( So I just wanted to ask you guys if i should stop writing my blog or should i continue? Your opinion is very important to me :)

Have a nice day!
Sugar <3

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