Contest entry: Summer look

Hello, ladies!

How is your summer going on? Mine is going quite well. I am sooo happy to have tons of freetime!!! There is a lot of contests going on right now and I looove contests. So today I made an entry for the summer look contest which the lovely blogger Sassy Jadore is having. As an inspiration I used this pink/violet Hawaii sunset picture. I love the scenery in this picture and it perfectly describes how my dream summer view must look. And also pink toned eyeshadows are the best mach for the fresh girlish summer look:) I had my hair curled before applying makeup. I clipped a beautiful pink artificial flower into my hair. So here is the pictures of my summer look:

I forgot to upload a picture of products that i used, so here it is:

I used:
1. L'Oreal True Match mineral foundation
2.L'Oreal Telescopic mascara in black
3.Artdeco liquid eyeliner
4.188 eyeshadows palette(colors i used are marked with stars)

What do you girls think? What is your perfect summer look?

Have a great summer day,

Contest entry: Fish inspired look

Sweet blogger DarlingV is having a contest for fish inspired look.

1. ) Must be a follower of my blog.
2. ) You must have a blog.
3. ) Choose ONE inspirational photo.
4. ) Take at least 3 pictures of your finished look one with your eyes closed, post them to your entry blog along with your inspiration photo.
5. ) Take a picture of the things you used and/or list them
6. ) Post your entry once
send me and e-mail linking back to your entry blog to let me know that you've entered
7. ) In your entry blog post a link, linking back to my blog.
8. ) Most important HAVE FUN! I know that's why I do makeup and I just want ya'll to have a great time ^_^.

So here is my entry. I googled for an inspirational fish picture and here's what i found.

I liked how vibrant colors in this picture are and how beautiful those blue dots look. So here is what i finally came up with.

What I used:

1. 188 eyeshadow palette (Pink stars mark colors I used).
2. Bourjois Metallic eyeliner.
3. Mary Kay black eyeliner.
4.L'Oreal Telescopic mascara.
5.L'Oreal True Match mineral foundation.

I had a lot of fun creating this fish look:) Those of you who haven't entered hurry up, because contest ends in 1st of July.

Finally! A new post

Hi, girls :)x

I am sooo sorry for not blogging for such a long time. I've been very busy with my final projects at school. But school is over and I hope to blogg more at summer time. I have so much to tell you!
Look what i've got from my Love at our 2 years anniversary!

It is 188 eyeshadow palette I've wanted for ages from eBay. Thank you sooo much, Honey ! I love these eyeshadows because all colors are very vibrant and rich and it is really easy to apply it on the eyelid. What are your thoughts about this palette?

Last week me and my boyfriend attended Be2gether Festival which is the largest annual music and arts festival in Baltic countries. We stayed there for two days and spent nights inside the tent. First day was terrible because of the rain. We came to the festival at 10 p.m. and while we were trying to build our tent all of our stuff got wet, including my shoes (luckily Boyf got his wellies on). But whatever the weather was we had a great time listening to the music, dancing, doing crafts and just having fun. Here are some pics from there. Enjoy!

My classmate and me in colorful raincoats
Gogol bordello performance
Me playing with giant bubbles

As i mentioned earlier i got to do my final projects at school and this year it was in Cinema Art.
We got to film, edit our own movies and even record a soundtrack for them. The hardest part of all that was editing it. I spent 48 hours without sleeping! So after the presentation i was really tired and sick. But here's the final project. It is a wordless movie and in English title would be : "Mr Bluepants and his tragical life". It is a very short movie, about 2 minutes, so enjoy watching :)

I am going to make a contest entry, so a new post will be able soon,

Have a nice day,

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