Beauty: Daily Facial Skin Care

Hi, girls!

Today I would like to talk about the skin care routine. Most of us try to take care of our facial skin everyday but sometimes whatever we do our skin stays dull and harsh. So what to do to make our skin glow?

There are only a few steps that can make you achieve amazing results!

These are the most popular and effective products for cleansing your face:

1. Neutrogena oil-free acne wash
2. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
3. Philosofy purity cleanser
4. Nivea visage young wash of! cleansing gel
5. Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser

To exfoliate your face you can use one of these products:

1. St. Ives apricot scrub
2. Clean & Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub
3. Burt's bees citrus facial scrub
4. Neutrogena oil-free daily scrub
5. Home made sugar or coffee srub

To tone your facial skin you can choose one of these:

1. Nivea visage young purifying toner
2. L'Occitane olive oil face toner
3. The body shop tea tree toner
4. The body shop Vitamin E face mist
5. Garnier fresh essentials toner

To moisturize your skin you can use these products:

1. Garnier light moisturizer
2. Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer
3. Dove sensitive skin facial lotion
4. Clean & Clear morning glow moisturizer
5. Nivea visage young matifying gel cream

There are only 4 basic steps to get a glowing and refreshed skin!

Take care,
Sugar <3

I have finally graduated!!!

Hi girls!

I know that i've been the worst blogger lately but i feel very sorry about the lack of posts recently. I have just graduated and passed all the exams with very good results and hope that you will understand me :) Now the only thing left is to enter university for law studies!

I hope that there are some girls out there who still remembers me and will come to my blog to read new posts. There is no point to write something without getting your feedback :) And i would really appreciate if you girls still find my blog interesting.

By the way, I'm planning to update my blog a little bit to talk more about fashion, celebrities and what is really important for everyone of us.

So keep checking my blog for the new posts!

Love you all,
Sugar <3

Online shopping for clothes

Hi, girls!

Thanks for your nice words on my last post! I am really glad that there are some very cute people somewhere in this world who find my blog interesting, that really means a lot to me :)

But let's talk about something more funnier than that! I was wondering if you guys do internet shopping? Thing that bothers me the most about online shopping is that it is really hard to know if the clothes will be my size and not too big or too small. I have found some great internet clothes shops and want to share them with you. But i have no experience on buying clothes online. So i would really appreciate if you girls could share your experience :)

Some of online clothes shops which cached my eye: (they ship international) (they also ship international) (they ship to Europe) (they ship international)

So please check these sites they are really great! And please tell me your experience on shopping for clothes online :)

Have a nice day,
Sugar <3


I didn't get any feedback from you guys on my latest post and I am really sad:( So I just wanted to ask you guys if i should stop writing my blog or should i continue? Your opinion is very important to me :)

Have a nice day!
Sugar <3

Spring 2010 fashion trends

Hi, girls! I am really sorry for being such a bad blogger. I am in my senior year at school and i have a lot of homework to do everyday and it is really tough to find some free time. But I have Spring Break at the moment so I am back on blogging! Yay :D

As the days are getting warmer and warmer it is time to check out your wardrobe and throw away old clothes and buy some new! So I made a list of my spring season must have clothes. Please enjoy :)

1. Floral dresses

2. Light and ripped skinny jeans/jeggings

3.Pastel colored trench coats and leather jacket

4. Quilted bags

that's it :) what is your Spring season must-haves?

Have a wonderful sunny day,
Sugar <3

Valentine's day gifts for HIM

Hi, girls!

I know that finding gifts for your boyfriend/husband sometimes can be 'mission impossible'. You cannot afford to buy things from your boyfriend's wishlist( as it always consists of such things as game consoles, cellphones, etc.) but you also don't want to buy him cheap valentine's day stuff. So, what is the best gifts for HIM on a Valentine's day that is affordable and also would surprise him?

1. A box full of his favorite candy bars

2. His favorite music CD or movie DVD

3. Funny T-shirt

4. Broken heart necklace

5. Valentine's day boxers

6. Framed picture of you and your boyfriend

That's all for now :)

What is your gift ideas for you boyfriend/husband?

Lots of love,
Sugar <3

Nail art ideas for Valentine's day

Hi, girls!:)

You all know that Valentine's day is right at the corner and every girl wants to look their best on that day. Hope you all girls have a person to share your love with and won't be alone on this special day!

Sooo, lets get back on beauty. What girl or woman can do to look more beautiful on V-day, is not only to dress up cute but also to have their nails done. On Valentine's day I prefer pink or red shades of nail polish and it depends on you what style or details you will add to create your own lovely manicure. I've found some nail art ideas on the Internet and want to share them with you, maybe you'll find an inspiration for your Valentine's manicure.

Have a wonderful day,
Sugar <3

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