Valentine's day gifts for HIM

Hi, girls!

I know that finding gifts for your boyfriend/husband sometimes can be 'mission impossible'. You cannot afford to buy things from your boyfriend's wishlist( as it always consists of such things as game consoles, cellphones, etc.) but you also don't want to buy him cheap valentine's day stuff. So, what is the best gifts for HIM on a Valentine's day that is affordable and also would surprise him?

1. A box full of his favorite candy bars

2. His favorite music CD or movie DVD

3. Funny T-shirt

4. Broken heart necklace

5. Valentine's day boxers

6. Framed picture of you and your boyfriend

That's all for now :)

What is your gift ideas for you boyfriend/husband?

Lots of love,
Sugar <3


  1. I like the broken heart necklace, I think im going to have to give one to my girlfriend along with the photo book I already madefor her, thanks for the idea!

  2. @john: that idea of photo book is really great! and I am sure that your girlfriend would be happy to get that broken heart necklace especially if she is on the romantic side! :)

  3. I like the t-shirt, I'm sure by boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it though. ha ha
    Sweets, mmm! Good post x

  4. RYC - oh I know! Her boobs are so huge, it's insane. But what's crazier is the fact that she wants them even bigger!! @___@

    I've done plenty of picture frames & even a ScrapBook! :) He's very picky about this clothes, so idk if I'm brave enough to buy him some. I'm thinking candy! lol

  5. @Lauren Loves: glad that you liked this post! :)

    @Dana: Candy always is a good choice :D Hope your boyfriend will be pleased with anything you find him :)

  6. The girlfriend tee-shirt is so nice! I'd like to get him one hehe ^^

    Thanks for your comment on my yellow shirt! I like to wear yellow to brighten my day (=

  7. On valentine as the boys try to get something special to there loved ones, girls also looks. You have given so many nice items to give as a gift to there lovers. A box full of his favorite candy bars, His favorite music CD or movie DVD, Funny T-shirt, Broken heart necklace and Framed picture of you and your boyfriend are really nice gifts. Thanks for this nice post.

  8. These are such good ideas! :)
    I'm always bad at these kinds of things :P
    my bf is the romantic one! :P

    I want to start a scrapbook :)
    What are you doing on vday? <3

  9. @*~kAy~*: scrapbook is really nice idea! :)
    we are going to the theater on vday evening and then to the restaurant to have a lovely dinner! I am so excited and can't wait for this day to come :D

  10. Cool ideas :) I like the sweetie idea x

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  12. me and this guy have been going out for about two months now but we're nothing official we both really like each other though .. any idea what i should get him ? i wanna get him heart boxers or something but it isnt gay right ? :p

  13. So thoughtful All! I love all of these cool ideas!! The Broken heart necklaces idea is fantastic!

  14. awesome blog..
    I like your blog, especially broken heart necklace as well as framed picture of you and your boyfriend. This is the Best Valentines Day Gifts For Him. It is looking so pretty and cool.

  15. The valentines day gifts for him ideas that are shared by you are very useful and unique items. Thanks for sharing

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