Smokey metallic look and other ramblings

Hello sweeties :) 

Here's a new smokey metallic eye look I did. I used grey and golden eyeshadows, black eyeliner and 3 coats of mascara.

I made this look some time ago and wanted to show it earlier but I've been very busy lately. The school is almost over and I can't wait till summer begins (even though it doesn't feel as summer at all!). It is raining all the time and it's cold outside. I feel sleepy and tired and i'm always in a bad mood (poor baby Boyf:D).  

We are going to attend my Grandma's 65th birthday this weekend and she lives very close to the sea. yaay! We are very glad to have a seacoast in Lithuania and it is only 3 hours away from the capital city. I hope the weather will get better and we'll be able to sunbath a little, walk by the beach and just enjoy our time there. I promise to show you some pictures from there:P

This weekend is also very special to me because it is Our 2 years anniversary . I love my Boyfriend so much and he is the only man I want to spend my life with.♥♥♥

Have a fantastic weekend,

Contest Entry: My favourite piece of jewelry

The beautiful blogger Stephanie from Always Hungry and Steph's Stuff is having a giveaway! yay! :)


1.Write about your favorite jewelry item and why it's your favorite. If you don't wear jewelry, then please write about your favorite fruit! Tell me why it's your favorite. Either one or the other, or even both if you'd like ;)

2.Include a picture of you wearing your favorite jewelry item (just because I like eye candy ;)

3.There should be Always Hungry's and Steph's Stuff's URLs somewhere on your post, saying that I have a giveaway going on.

My favourite jewelry is handmade red and white necklace made by my sister. I love it because it's so cute and it looks like a candy :)

Isn't it beautiful?

And I have one more piece of jewelry I'm in love with. This ring is a gift from my lovely BOYF while we were in the USA. I love the size, cute little details and how authentic it looks :) It always reminds me of our love and I feel very proud of having such a wonderful Boyfriend.

The giveaway ends on Monday, June 8th 12:00AM PST so girls don't miss your chance to enter!


HOTs and NOTs

Hello, my lovely readers! :) 

Today I decided to make a list of things I find hot and things I find not so hot.


1. Blackhead/whitehead remover. I think this should work and I want one for me and for my BOYF:) Has anybody tried it?

2. Maxi dress in dark blue.

3. Hello Kitty necklace from ebay. Sooo cute.

4. Whatever eyeshadow palette.

5. Escada Moon Sparkle perfume. Love this smell and can't get enough of wearing it.


1. Music players in some blogs. It happened countless times when I was reading new blogs and suddenly loud music started to play. It is not funny to scare your readers!

2. Rain. It pisses me of when it rains more than five times a day.

3. My sister using my make-up.

What are your HOTs and NOTs of this week?


Neutral simple look and red nails

The weather is getting better here and today is sooo sunny and warm. It is around 25°C. So I thought it would be a good idea to share my simple look of the day.

I only used a small amount of mineral foundation, a little bit of blush on my cheeks, lined my upper eyelid with a liquid eyeliner and finished with two coats of mascara on my lashes.
Here is how my eyes looked:

What products I used?

1. L'Oreal true match minerals foundation in golden beige.
2. Bourjois blush in ambre d'or.
3. Artdeco liquid eyeliner in black.
4.L'Oreal telescopic mascara in carbon black.

I did my nails in rich red colour and decorated with the silver glitter dots. So here is what i came up with:

Enjoy reading,

Nails of the day

Some days ago I had too much free time so I experimented with my nails. It is not a usual look, but it is fancy and colourful summer look. So here's a result of my art:)

I used pink and neon green nail polishes then I applied some silver glitters in the centre of the green flower and finished with a top coat. 

You can also try similar look with different colours and I'm sure it must look great too. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and ask.

Have a good and creative day!


My first entry

So this is my first post ever!!! I have been reading other blogs for a long time and finally  decided to start my own. So let me introduce myself. Ta-da-dam, my name is Lauren, I live in the capital city of Lithuania. There's one year for me in Highschool left and I am super excited to graduate. I am in love with my handsome and lovely Boyfriend and love spending time with him soooo much.

In this blog I'm going to share with you some beauty, make-up or fashion related stories, maybe make some tutorials, also tell some stories from my life and relations, traveling, cooking and everything else that makes my life beautiful.

Hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog :)

Lots of love, 

About Me

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Hi, my name is Lauren. I live in Lithuania (just in case you skipped your geography classes, it's in Europe) :) My boyfriend says I'm an incurable beauty addict. And, well, that could be true... I love make up, fashion and everything beauty related. And, of course, my handsome boyfriend. I also enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and traveling around the globe.