HOTs and NOTs

Hello, my lovely readers! :) 

Today I decided to make a list of things I find hot and things I find not so hot.


1. Blackhead/whitehead remover. I think this should work and I want one for me and for my BOYF:) Has anybody tried it?

2. Maxi dress in dark blue.

3. Hello Kitty necklace from ebay. Sooo cute.

4. Whatever eyeshadow palette.

5. Escada Moon Sparkle perfume. Love this smell and can't get enough of wearing it.


1. Music players in some blogs. It happened countless times when I was reading new blogs and suddenly loud music started to play. It is not funny to scare your readers!

2. Rain. It pisses me of when it rains more than five times a day.

3. My sister using my make-up.

What are your HOTs and NOTs of this week?



  1. Hi! Thanks for the follow! I'm following, too (=

    I'm wondering if this blackhead/whitehead remover thingy is really working? I'm sceptical.

    I have Escada Ocean Pacific. Have you ever smelled it? It's wonderful! One of my favourite one! I should try Moon Sparkle ^^

  2. Thanks for following my blog your so awesome cause i have a hello kitty necklace justlike that one and escada moon spark is my fruit crack it smells soo good i'm addicted to it i don't know what i'm going to do when i run out and for the blackhead/whitehead tool i recently got one and it works fine try getting it at h2o it's cheaper then sephoria itcan kind of hurt though

  3. @Gaby: Thanks for following hun :) Escada Ocean Pacific is also one of my favourite one! I'm addicted to Escada perfumes :D and yes, you MUST try Moon Sparkle :)x

  4. @Miss imperfect: Thank you for following my blog sweetie :) I'm glad we have those things in common :)X Unfortunately, we don't have sephora or h20 in my stupid country, but i am thinking to order one blackhead remover from ebay, what do you think?

  5. Hey Sugar.. Thanks for following my blog! I agree with music players in blogs... it is scary when you first hear it, I usually just mute my computer, it's hard to read and listen to music.. lol
    That hello kitty necklace is super cute, you should def get it! :)

  6. thanks for following girl!!! & omg I kno i love my HK necklace im soo scared to break it haha
    btw, you can get it at sanrio store but not all have dem =[

    btw I have a Maxi dress like that frm forever21 cant wait to wear it =p

  7. Hi Sugar =) I love Moon Sparkle too!! OMG That is my favorite perfume =) hehe. I bought the other one, Ocean Lounge too - but I like the Moon Sparkle better. As for the blackhead/whitehead remover, I bought one from Sephora. It works just ok, but it's pretty handy when I need to pop something =) kwim? Anyways - agree that your sis using your makeup is totally NOT hot =(

  8. hiya thanks so much for following and commenting my blog, yours is FAB,
    The Blackhead/whitehead remover does work i have one and i had to train how to use it on i others when i was at beauty college, they do hurt it little but nothing that bad :)

    Lu x


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