Smokey metallic look and other ramblings

Hello sweeties :) 

Here's a new smokey metallic eye look I did. I used grey and golden eyeshadows, black eyeliner and 3 coats of mascara.

I made this look some time ago and wanted to show it earlier but I've been very busy lately. The school is almost over and I can't wait till summer begins (even though it doesn't feel as summer at all!). It is raining all the time and it's cold outside. I feel sleepy and tired and i'm always in a bad mood (poor baby Boyf:D).  

We are going to attend my Grandma's 65th birthday this weekend and she lives very close to the sea. yaay! We are very glad to have a seacoast in Lithuania and it is only 3 hours away from the capital city. I hope the weather will get better and we'll be able to sunbath a little, walk by the beach and just enjoy our time there. I promise to show you some pictures from there:P

This weekend is also very special to me because it is Our 2 years anniversary . I love my Boyfriend so much and he is the only man I want to spend my life with.♥♥♥

Have a fantastic weekend,


  1. Wow your eye's looked lovely.
    I'll be trying that look!
    I hope summer gets more sunny!
    Happy 2 years!! xx

  2. @LotusLove: Thanks hun :)x

  3. Happy Anniversary to you guys!!

  4. Beautiful, fierce looking makeup for your eyes! ;) Lithuania has some beautiful girls, doesn't it?
    You and your boyfriend make an adorable couple. Happy anniversary!

  5. thanks for your sweet comment sweetie~you're so pretty!!i wish i have blue eyes like you=D

  6. Whaaa your eyes look amazing!♥

  7. :o! omgosh your eyes are beautiful, i love your hair too so, so nice!

    Monika ♥

  8. Thanks for your sweet comments, my lovely readers :)x


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