Contest Entry: My favourite piece of jewelry

The beautiful blogger Stephanie from Always Hungry and Steph's Stuff is having a giveaway! yay! :)


1.Write about your favorite jewelry item and why it's your favorite. If you don't wear jewelry, then please write about your favorite fruit! Tell me why it's your favorite. Either one or the other, or even both if you'd like ;)

2.Include a picture of you wearing your favorite jewelry item (just because I like eye candy ;)

3.There should be Always Hungry's and Steph's Stuff's URLs somewhere on your post, saying that I have a giveaway going on.

My favourite jewelry is handmade red and white necklace made by my sister. I love it because it's so cute and it looks like a candy :)

Isn't it beautiful?

And I have one more piece of jewelry I'm in love with. This ring is a gift from my lovely BOYF while we were in the USA. I love the size, cute little details and how authentic it looks :) It always reminds me of our love and I feel very proud of having such a wonderful Boyfriend.

The giveaway ends on Monday, June 8th 12:00AM PST so girls don't miss your chance to enter!



  1. Hellooo Sugarrr :)
    Wow, Lithuania!
    How thoughtful of your sister to make you a necklace! Very cute, it reminds me of peppermint swirl candies during Christmas! That ring is so vintage looking as well, perhaps symbolizing that your boyfriend and you will grow old together? ;) hehehe which part of the US did you visit?

    Thanks again for joining my giveaway and good luck!

  2. @Stephanie: Thanks for your sweet words and visiting my blog :) We have been to Miami from where we took a cruise around the Caribean Islands(Cozumel,Belize, Honduras) then we had a fliht to LA and San Diego an THEN we had a flight to NYC! It was amazing 4 weeks trip and I hope to come back again after couple of years.

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  4. Aww pretty necklace! I want to eat it eheh ^^

  5. @leslielovesmaeup: you're welcome hun :)x

  6. I love those kinds of rings that take up your whole finger. Haha well not your whole finger but you know what I mean. Good luck with the giveaway. (:

  7. @Tina Marie: Yeah, i like only big size rings and thank you :)

  8. Hi Sugar,

    Thank you for very sweet comment on my blog:) I really like yours too. Keep up great work pretty girl!
    P.S. I love this ring!!! xox

  9. That ring is absolutely gorgeous!
    Thank you for following my blog =) Yours is really good read! Best of luck!

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  12. love the pattern and color of your ring!

  13. The ring is soo cocktail! I'd love to wear it with a flirty purple outfit!

  14. Aw the ring is really pretty! And it's huuuge, I love huge rings!♥

  15. the ring is very pretty. if my hands weren't so ugly looking i'd be wearing all these pretty rings :) haha

  16. thanks for following my blog girls :)x and thanks for nice comments.


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