Contest entry: Fish inspired look

Sweet blogger DarlingV is having a contest for fish inspired look.

1. ) Must be a follower of my blog.
2. ) You must have a blog.
3. ) Choose ONE inspirational photo.
4. ) Take at least 3 pictures of your finished look one with your eyes closed, post them to your entry blog along with your inspiration photo.
5. ) Take a picture of the things you used and/or list them
6. ) Post your entry once
send me and e-mail linking back to your entry blog to let me know that you've entered
7. ) In your entry blog post a link, linking back to my blog.
8. ) Most important HAVE FUN! I know that's why I do makeup and I just want ya'll to have a great time ^_^.

So here is my entry. I googled for an inspirational fish picture and here's what i found.

I liked how vibrant colors in this picture are and how beautiful those blue dots look. So here is what i finally came up with.

What I used:

1. 188 eyeshadow palette (Pink stars mark colors I used).
2. Bourjois Metallic eyeliner.
3. Mary Kay black eyeliner.
4.L'Oreal Telescopic mascara.
5.L'Oreal True Match mineral foundation.

I had a lot of fun creating this fish look:) Those of you who haven't entered hurry up, because contest ends in 1st of July.


  1. pretty,,, :D the colors are perfect..

  2. Wow! Amazing!!!!! Good luck!

  3. wow! love your fish look! great jobb

  4. Wow!!! It's so pretty!!! It's gorgeous!!! Great inspiration!!

  5. omg this make up is HOTTTTTTT love it ur g0rjuz hun and really great at make up loveeez it

  6. Omg this looks great! Good luck, I have a feeling you'll win! Omg, I love it, and it's so creative :)

  7. I had so much fun doing this look and i am really glad all you girls like it :)x

  8. Wow! This is gorgeous. Love the details in the makeup. Good luck. I'm following you now

  9. your eyes look amazing!! beautiful colours and i love the detail~ your good^^
    good luck for the contest!


  10. Girl I still love this, You did wonderful!


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