Dear Santa...

Hi, girls! :)

I saw a lot of these type of posts in other blogs and I finally did it myself. So here is the list of things that I would love to get for Christmas if Santa were real :D

1. One of these liquid foundations and a concealer because I ran out of mine

2. Perfume: Recently I am in love with these Cat Deluxe at night perfume by Naomi Campbell! Very nice smell of fruits and not very expensive:)

3. Bath balls, bombs and melts! Every girl would love it :D
4. Some cute sexy underwear to heat things up while it is so cold outside. hehe Devil smile

5. Any new bag because I am so sick of one that I am wearing almost for a year
6. White coat. I love white coats during the winter time because they make you look soo cute and glowing!

What's it. I would love to get all those things, who wouldn't? :D But that will never happen in the real life :(

What is you Christmas wishlist?

Have a nice day,


  1. i too want a white coat but have yet to find one that i like.

  2. That ELF corrective palette looks nice! Maybe I should give it a try?

  3. Hey, I wished for a white coat last year as well.. And got it! Mine was from J.lo... Very nice, but did not last a long while :( My city is very white-unfriendly.. Got it all covered in mud :(( Hope your lasts longer, but remember that you'll have to take it to dry cleaners every other day! :) xxx

  4. Hi there, great Christmas list, adore your underwear picks and I agree white coats are soo flattering!I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and invite you to take a peek @ My Party dress selection over @ My Passport to Style.It was lovely having you as a guest blogger this year and I wondered if you would like to exchange blog links with me? Sharon xx

  5. @pangie: Hope you'll find a lovely white coat :)

    @Gaby: I also want that palette! :D

    @Happy S.: I know that white coat is not very practical but I want one sooo badly :D

  6. We all have makeup in our xmast list. I have a white kinda ivory jacket on my list as well from Mango.I recently purchased a Coach bag can't wait to use it . xoxo

  7. great bags

  8. aww hope you get them all
    I have my eye on the makeupforever foundation!

  9. I want to get Make Up Forever's HD as well! :) I heard so much good reviews about it. I just wanted to drop by and say hi to your page. lol. I actually like the third white coat. It looks really classic. I mean, you can never do wrong with a white coat -- EVER. :)

  10. Hey you won the Aussie contest on my blog, go have a look at the post for more details :)

    And contact me with your email address so i can send your prize out. My email is on my blog.

  11. Thanks for all you cute comments girls! Hope you will get all the presents that you want :)



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