Fashion wishlist: Fall 2009

Hi, girls! :)

I decided to start a new category in my blog named "fashion wishlist". Every new season i'll pick some stylish things from the internet and will share it with you. So, here is my fashion wishlist of this fall.

(Black Dolman-Sleeved Tunic-Dress, Bodycon Mini Dress, Batwing tunic, Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Tunic)

Sweaters and cardigans
(Grey Oversized Shrug,Black wool mix cardigan,Black cape)

(leather leggings)

(trench coat, double-breasted coat)
( Flat suede boots, Jessica Simpson angie slouched boots)

(Girly Girl Gloves in Black, Cloche Hat, New Yorker Tote by Marc B, Black Leather Gloves with Bow Trim, Double Buckle Straw Belt)

What clothes are in your wishlist?



  1. AH! Love the second top :) So nice :D Lush blog, I followed :D xxx

  2. Heyy!! I love your wishlist :) I hope you get what you want!! I especially love those black boots, Id have those on my wishlist any day!!

    I just realized you gave me a blog award too!! Thankyou sooooo much honey its sooo sweet of you!! I'll include it in my next post


    Vanessita xoxo

  3. @ FernLaura: I love that top too! thanks for following my blog, hun :)

    @vanessita6xx: I have almost the same black boots but they are getting to look bad and the zipper is broken :( SO i need a new pair of these:D lol btw, they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had:)

  4. The leather leggings are really fabulous. Those were on my list too and I just picked up a pair a couple of weeks ago. They look fantastic with a loose sweater and over the knee suede boots.

  5. Loving the cardigans! & the purple boots... woah!

  6. I've been wanting leather leggings as well! :P I'll need to get one soon :)
    How is the weather over there these days? Getting colder? :)

  7. Yeah, leather leggings look best with long suede boots and loose sweater! :)

    @Gaby: I am in love with those purple boots! But can't find them in the shops:(

    @*~kAy~* : Oh, the weather is getting terrible! It is sooo windy and raining all the time! all that autumn weather only brings sad thoughts:(

  8. Nice wishlist, mine is way too long!!!
    cardigans, skirts, dresses, leather jack... blablabla... :P


  9. @toothfairynotes: my wishlist is way longer, but here are just my favorites :)

  10. oohh i love trenchcoats..

    it's funny though coz i live in a tropical country.. it's not really right to where them outside.. hehe.. at least I can wear it to work though where it's super cold..

    oh sweetie, thanks for ur note re: the recent tragedy here in PH.. appreciate it so much.. :)

  11. love your wishlist! I have mine on the bottom of my blog as well! :)

  12. I luv your wishlist ^_^. Everything looks sexy and fashionable. ^_^


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