NOTD: black+pink=violet

Hi, pretty ladies!:)

Today's NOTD is kinda different, because I made an experiment and want to share it with you.
So, some time ago i've got my nails polished in black and I was bored and pink nail polish was staring at me :D LOL. Well, i've just applied a thin layer of that pink polish and OMG!!! I was soooo amazed by the result. I've got an extremely beautiful and different color! So here is the tutorial if you don't have a violet nail polish or just want to experiment.

Things you need : 1. black nail polish
2. pink shimmering nail polish

you can use something like this:

Firstly, apply two coats of black nail polish and let it dry. Your nails should look something like this:

Then, apply only one coat of pink nail polish and also let it dry.
And the result should look like this:

Isn't that color beautiful? It has a twist of dark and I love it.

What do you girls think?

Have a good start of the new week,


  1. why the hell didn't i think of this?
    thanks for this idea!


  2. I can't believe it turned purple/violet!

  3. I love it! It turned out such a gorgeous color.

  4. Oh WOW!!! it is gorgeous!!! Thanks for the tip hon! I love purple!! xx

  5. i cant believe it turned purple! WOW thx for the idea!!


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