This is how we spent our weekend

Hi, sweet girls :))

This weekend me and my awesome BOYF had such a fantastic time together!!! We have attended a wonderful fair in the old town of our city. The crowds were gathering in the streets, eating traditional food and sweets. Everything was so bright and colorful. And everyone was in such a good festive mood. We really enjoyed the fair! After that, we took away some junk food from MacDonald's and spent the rest of the day in the beautiful park :)) So here are some pictures from our weekend.

Gigantic ice-cream cone
More sweets
Traditional Lithuanian food
My favorite strawberry milkshake...Yummy!
McDonald's food
very cute park
and of course, my manicure :D

Hope you girls had a fantastic weekend too! :)

Have a wonderful day,
Sugar <3


  1. Sounds like a super fun day!!!
    I dine out with my bf and friends. One of our friends works at the sushi place we went, and he gave us some free good. It was so good, and he was actually the sushi chef there, and he made it so pretty and yummy. We had a great time also!

  2. @Dannimag: glad that you girl had a fantastic time too! <3

  3. That park looks really pretty! Cute manicure :).

  4. Looks really fun! <3
    mmm.. look at all that food! :P

    I love your profile pic btw! <3 hot!!!


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