Contest entry: Supervillain's Character contest

Hi, girls!

I made this look some time ago but haven't enough time to upload the pictures to my blog.
As the rules of this contest say, you have to create a photo story. So enjoy my Vampire girl story below:)

Legend of vampire girl

Legend tells that hundred years ago in dark castle lived a mysterious girl. People say that she spent all days sleeping and woke up only at night. Everyone was scared because more and more people were found dead with a bite mark on their neck.

One day, Vampire girl was sleeping as usually but suddenly she woke up as she heard the human voices in her castle.

She was very angry because someone dared to enter her castle without invitation and what is more, they waken her up of her sleep!

Vampire girl was so furious that she even started screaming!
-Who dare to enter my castle without my permission???

Vampire was so livid that she transformed into bat and flew to find intruders. The last sight was released from the mouths of two dying men.

Vampire girl transformed from the bat. Now she was happy.

The sweet taste of blood was in her mouth and now she was satisfied.

Do you want to enter my castle?


  1. thank you for your comment! and you are very creative! love the vampire look, its so different from the typical "twilight vampire look" =)

  2. Hey! I love your blog! I have nominated you for and award! check out my blog xoxo

  3. @ C. : I'm glad that you liked this look! :)

    @The Beautifier: Thanks for the nomination, hun! <3 I will try to award other beauty bloggers with that nomination asap:)

  4. Nice look, and cute story! =D

  5. Very creative! :D

    Check out my blog too if you want! :)

  6. Love this! Such a great transformation. Thanks for joining the contest!

  7. @Kittynail: thanks hun :)

    @supervillain: I had so much fun creating this look! :)


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