Review: bareMinerals Rocker Eye Tutorial kit

Hello, girls! :)

As you all know, my blog is beauty related so i decided to start writing reviews on beauty and makeup products. So for my first review I chose bareMinerals Rocker Eye Tutorial kit. I have never used any of bareMinerals products before because we do not have this brand in Lithuania and when I got this kit, I was very excited to try it. Rocker Eye tutorial kit is one of 6 other tutorial kits and you can buy it for $38 from

It comes in a little cute box as you can see above. On the side of the box you can see the picture of all things which are inside.

This kit includes:

  • bareMinerals 1980s eyeshadow 0.28g
  • bareMinerals Rock Star eyecolor 0.28g
  • bareMinerals Black Leather liner shadow 0.28g
  • and also a double-ended rock'n'roll brush

Above is the rock'n'roll brush. The smudge end on the left sweeps and pats eyeshadow on the eyelid as base and crease contour shades while the pointed end on the right can be used wet or dry to sweep eyeshadow on the upper, lower and the inner lash lines for a dramatic frame.

This brush works very well with all types of eyeshadow and makes application very easy and smooth.

In this kit you will also find eyeshadow in 3 different colors. I was surprised with the quality of eyeshadow as they are very pigmented and it is really easy to apply them on your eyelid. Although, one eyeshadow piece are only 0.28g and it is extra small in size, it is so pigmented that you only need a small amount of product and it will definitely last for a long time. Colors of eyeshadow are in gradient shades from chrome to blackest black. These colors are great to create a smoky or dark rock princess look.

Above you can see swatches from lightest to the darkest eyeshadow. As you can see, all eyeshadow are very intense in color and also has glitters in it. Thing I don't like about these eyeshadow, is that all colors are very similar and it doesn't contrast when applied on the eyelid.

One more positive thing about this kit is that box is very smart made and has an upper section which includes instructions and shows some different looks and also describes some application techniques step by step.

All in all, I liked this kit. I think it is great for those who love dark and dramatic eyelooks and also for those who want to achieve smoky or rocker look. Eyeshadows are not only very pigmented but also are 100% natural. And double-ended brush is must have if you want to get professional look.

My rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (4/5)

Hope this review will be helpful. If you have any questions about this kit, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

I will also make a look using this kit, so keep checking back:)

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  1. Hi there sugar, great review must try this one out, we all need easy smoke solutions! Have a brill weekend! Sharon xox

  2. Hey! thanks for following girl :)

    Your blog is uber cute! followed you xoxo

  3. @My Passport to Style: yeah, it is really easy solution if you want to get smoky look :)

    @The Beautifier: thank YOU for following me :D

  4. wow love these colors gurl!
    lovely blog btw :)

  5. @ Shiffa: those colors are so vibrant! :) and I am glad that you like my blog <3

    @Catanya: Thanks, hun :)

  6. That looks wonderful, I'm so bad at these kind of looks I can't wait to see what you can do with the kit!! I shall keep checking back!

  7. This set looks so pretty! The drawing on the cover sorta looks like Kat von D, or am I crazy? LOL The swatches are beautiful...I can't wait to see what you come up with! XO

  8. @ Lipglossiping: I hope the look will come out as i want and i won't disappoint you darling :D

    @Marce: Yeah that look on the cover reminds me of Kat von D! Maybe we are both crazy :D


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