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I missed blogging sooo much but I was very busy with my school and I am so sorry for not commenting and answering to comments. Finally, I have some days off as my school is closed because of flu epidemic. I am happy that I have a mini holiday but also I have to take a special care of my health in order not to get sick:( So hello to lemon tea and garlic and other remedies to protect me from flu :D Hope you girls are not ill and if you are, then best wishes to you and get well soon!

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This is the post that was published some time ago in My Passport to style blog so if you haven't checked my post there, here is the opportunity to take a look at some ideas how to make your hair look different adding just a little detail.

I am sure, that every woman has a piece of fabric left after a sewing project. And if not, you can just grab a ribbon or hair sash.

It is better to use a piece of fabric in bright color for it not to fade in your hair. I used one in white as shown in the picture below.

You can really make a difference in your every day look by just adding this accessory to your hair.

And there are hundreds of ways how to use it and you can be as creative as you like.

I used the sash in 5 different ways and It only takes just a couple of minutes to do this, so don't be afraid to experiment!

First look is inspired by the 70's hippie style. This look is very trendy nowadays and you can see some celebrities as Nicole Richie wearing it like that. All you need to do is just grab your sash and incorporate it in a simple plait using a section of your side hair.

Another look is very similar to the first one. However, this one is not that hippie and makes you look like you are wearing a head band. You need to make a plait using the piece of fabric using a section of hair that are close to your ear. Then, using a couple of bobby pins clip the plait around your head to look like a headband.

Third look is one of the easiest to make and creates a look popular in 50's. You just tie it around your head.

Another look is very simple to make. You just have to wrap the sash around your hair. It looks very modern and can be worn to work or to school just to add some fun to your daily look.

The last look is the most funky but also very stylish nowadays. Just make a bow band of your sash.

These pictures are just an example of how you can style your hair and add some fun to your daily look.
Hope this tutorial will be helpful:)

And don't be afraid to try something new and creative!

Have a wonderful day,
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  1. Please get well soon! <3

    I love the way you wore the sash! <3 so so creative :) I'm going to try this <3

  2. @*~kAy~* : thanks, darling :) You should definitely try one or another way to wear sash! <3

  3. Hi sweetie, take care, loving the piggy, it was a great post you did over @ My Passport to Style! Hugs Sharon xox

  4. @My Passport to Style: Hi,Sharon! Thanks for visiting my blog:) It was a big pleasure for me to write a post in your blog! <3

  5. i think that the pictuere that is in the front is the must prety pictuer

  6. Thanks a ton it is a fantastic help, now to make our look different using sash is without a doubt simple with your advice. Thanks


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