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Hi, pretties! :))

You've probably noticed that i wasn't blogging past few weeks. I am sooo SORRY! :( I haven't got any explanation to this:( I just wanted to spend my last days of summer very lazy and relax to the fullest :D haha! I was the laziest person in the world, trust me :D I was sleeping until 3 p.m every day!!! Can you even imagine that? :DD But now I'm back to the blogging world and some new contest entries are waiting for your judgment! Also, I was taking an extra care of my terrible looking/never-growing-long nails! and guess what? YES, I have achieved some great results. My nails have never been so long for such a long time (sounds funny:) And I will definitely upload some pictures and share my beauty tips with all of you.

I was also tagged by some very nice bloggers, so check my blog later for that!

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  1. I was just wondering where were you hun!! Welcome back!!
    yea, i would totally do the same thing for my last few days of my summer, but i dont have school now, so everyday is holiday for me, except i have to study GRE exam for grad school.
    anyway, welcome back, can't wait for more posts from you hun!


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