Contest entry: British icon

Hi, girls!

Amazing and very beautiful blogger Holly from yummy mummy's beauty blog is having a very funny contest. You have to recreate any british celebrity look. For my entry i chose Amy Winehouse because of her different,extravagant style. I really liked her music, but poor Amy got addicted to the drugs and her career has been forgotten. But i hope she will comeback to the normal life with the help of her parents. SO back to the look. This is my inspirational picture:

And here is what I came up with:

So, that's it :) hope you like this look !

Have a nice day,
Sugar <3


  1. omg omg omg I LOVEEE IT hun u did a great job..i hope u win

  2. Luvs it...u really nailed the look :)

  3. nice.. that's a pretty awesome look! <3 you did your hair and everything! :)

  4. you're even prettier than her dear =)

  5. glad that you girls liked this look :))


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