Contest entry: aqua eyes

SO here is another contest entry today. Lovely lady from is having a contest to make an aqua look. I did two looks because i really love these colors, and hope that it is allright with the rules:)

#1 aqua look:

#2 aqua look:

Which look do you like more?
till the next time,
Sugar <3


  1. Vow! These looks are so pretty!!! I couldn't choose, but I really like colors' intensity of look nr 2. Good luck, lovely!:)

  2. I really like the first one. I like the big contrast of the 2 blues. It's really pretty!! Hope you win hon!!

  3. Lovely vibrant eye makeup. Good luck! ^____^

  4. such pretty looks! <3 good luck!!! :)
    both looks are pretty but if i had to pick, i vote for the first one! <3 :)

  5. thanks for your comments, girls! :)

  6. thanks so much for your sweet wishes Sugar! <3 I was so surprised to win her contest! :P


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