NOTD: black/green + THANK YOU

Hi, girls! :)

How is your summer going on? Mine is going on very well. I'm reading a lot of books, watching movies, hanging out with my boyfriend and just enjoing every minute of the summer:) Today I did some nail art and want to share that look with you:

I find these green/black dotted nails very funny :) Every time i look into them, it makes me smile. What do you think of that look?

I also have reached 108 followers in my blog and want to say a big THANK YOU! I appreciate every comment you leave and reading them makes me feel very happy. Thanks girls soo much! Hugs for all of you ^_^ I'm considering to make a contest when i'll reach more that 150 followers so don't forget to check my blog :))

Sugar <3


  1. What an original & cute look!

  2. Glad to hear you are having a wonderful summer!! You nails are cute!! and congrats on 108 followers hun!!

  3. ur nail design is so cute! <3
    what nail polish did u use?

    congratz on hitting 108 followers btw! <3 u have a cute blog! <3

  4. @ Gabi, Elsa, Dannimag: thanks girls :)

    @*~kAy~*: Thanks hun, and I used Mavala black nail polish and green polish from Nail system :)

  5. hi sweetie~
    Thanks for your lovely comment. That's a cute nail design and color combo. =)

  6. i am adding you now :)

    which makes me the 110th follower.
    you have a pretty blog. and very informative :)


  7. hi lauren

    tnx for visiting my blog.
    i noticed that you love to create artistic makeup looks. is it difficult? cause i do not know how to draw! haha!

  8. I really like the nails! It's got this futuristic edgy look to it. Great job!

  9. YaY for the followers, now you have 111~! ^__^

  10. i like the look! i like funky designs on nails!

  11. wow. fun nails!

    i tag you!
    6 things that makes you happy:)

  12. Hellow.... because you're special and i want to know more from you..... i've tagged you and see for yourself I got an award for you!!!

  13. I really like the nails, you did such a great job. The look so nice. I could never do something like that because my hands aren't steady enough. Or well... they're steady, just clumsy! LOL

  14. whoa very creative, good job!!


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