Computergirl's Creative Contest

Hi, girls!

I've just made a look for the creative contest which lovely lady Emma is having:)
Hope you'll like it!

1.Natural look without make-up

2.Day make-up

Products that I used:
1.L'Oreal mineral foundation
2.Eyeshadow brush
3.Eyeshadow in creamy color
4.Essence black liquid eyeliner
5.Cover girl mascara in black
6. Eyelashes curler
7.Gel for eyebrows

3.Evening make-up

Products that i added:
1.Eyshadow brush
2. Blue eyeshadow
3.Eyeshadow in creamy color
4.Ilamasqua eye pencil in blue
5. Brown brows pencil
6.Essence liquid eyeliner in black

Take care,
Sugar <3


  1. Thank you so much for doing it. It looks amazing. :)Emma

  2. :)
    Your eyes are so pretty! <3
    the makeup compliments them so well! :)


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