Contest entry: Harajuku girls

Hi, girls! :)

Sorry I haven't been writing for a while but I was really busy at school:( I have a lot of new posts coming up! So keep checking my blog.

Now about contest. I've just found the amazing blog of very cute lady Pangie! And she is having a contest right now. You have to create a make up/style inspired by the Harajuku girls. I love all thing kawaii because everything is soooo colorful and bright! So I decided to join that amazing contest and create a look.

So here is what I came up with:

Things that I used to create this look:
1. 120 Eyeshadow palette
2.L'Oreal mineral powder
3.Covergirl mascara in black
4. Bourjois eye pencil in metallic
5. Essence black eyeliner
6. No brand blusher in bright pink
7. Aerie kiss breath balm

This look is also a great idea for Halloween :)

What do you girls think?

Have a nice day,


  1. thanks for entering my contest! very cute colorful look! good luck!

  2. You look maginificent! Well worth the wait! Sharon xxoo

  3. Such a fun contest :)
    Such a bright and colorful look! :) You are right! It is definitely great for halloween! :) Good luck to you! <3

  4. wow that is awesome! really amazing how you put together the harajuku look-cute, funky, colorful, and even pretty at the same time! I love how it's not messy (like glittery or dark) but so expressive and unique =D

  5. @pangie: I had a lot of fun creating this look!:)

    @Elise: thanks, girl! :)

    @Sharon: Thanks for the cute words:)

    @*~kAy~* Thanks for your support, hun! :)

    @bittersweetpea: thanks for the comment :)


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