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Hi, girls!:)

I've got a very long hair and love braiding, plaiting and making fun out of them so I decided to share some tips how to make one or another cute hairdo. This is my very first post in this category, so if you have any ideas or requests what should i do next, feel free to comment :)

Have you ever wondered how to get that sophisticated hair bun like celebrities have?

I have always thought that this hairdo is really hard to do and only could be done by the professionals in the hair salons. But trust me, I have found a simple way to get a very similar look and it is that easy that everyone could do that.

The most important thing you need is the doughnut bun shaper which looks like this:

They are in different shapes and colors so you could choose one similar to your hair color. I am sure that you can find it in every hair accessories shop or just buy it from eBay! It costs about $4. It is not that expensive but if you want to save some money and time, you can just spend 10 minutes and make one yourself.

Things you need:

1. A long warm sports sock.
2. One tight stocking.
3. Scissors.

Firstly, cut the front parts of the both socks so it would look something like this:

Now follow and do everything as shown in pictures below (you can use socks in your favorite colors):

And finally, you should get something like this and now the bun shaper is ready to use!

How to get a beautiful bun using the bun shaper:

(1)Now brush your hair and simply pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a scrunchy or an elastic band.

(2)Pull your hair through the center of your doughnut bun shaper.

(3) Spread your hair and wrap a bun shaper with them and then pull another scrunchy to firm your bun.

(4)Coil and tuck the remaining hair in circular fashion around the doughnut, pinning diagonally
with hairpins or long bobbypins.

You can be as creative as you like and add more hair accessories, flowers or anything you like. You can also make some plaits integrated into your bun.

Hope that it will be a helpful tutorial:)

Have a nice day,


  1. I love this hair style. I will be on a look for one of those bun shaper this weekend. Thank you for this hair do idea:) xx

  2. I will deff try to make one myself!...Thanksz

  3. I'm not a fan of this hairstyle, but that's a nice tip! Thanks for sharing (=

  4. how nice! love this tutorial! :P
    you are so creative! :P

    more please!

  5. Hi there Im a newbie here, love your post so useful great idea your sooo clever, must try when styling clients! Sharon xxxoo

  6. Hi Lauren, me again hope you had a lovely weekend, I would like to ask you to be a guest blogger over @ My Passport to Style, if you would like to please email me @ to let me know.Sharon xxxxoooo

  7. Thanks so much for this, I love the style!

  8. Great! Thanks for sharing! Have a sweet day!

  9. thank you very much for all the details, i've one but i didn't really know how to do haha^^
    thanks again :)

  10. great ive been tryin 2 find a way 2 use a bun shaper and i found this web rli helped

  11. i was away to buy one of those donuts and just found ur side ,, its really easy ,, i just made it :) thanks soooo much xxx kim

  12. u know what? there's an easier way other than sticking pins in ur head! just slide on an elastic band under the sock n just twist the leftover hair into a braid! duh!!!

  13. really helpful. i bought a bun shaper and really had no idea how to use it. (ino.. silly) lol but thanks to this tip im now a pro :) thank you so much xxx :) chloe

  14. really good tip!!. thanks and they look pretty easy to make too =) =)xx amyyy <3 <3

  15. awesome! just bought one today and now know how to use it properly:-)

  16. I just stumbled on this blog - wow! I've just made two hair donuts and they work perfectly! Thank you! Your advice is much appreciated. No need to order and wait two weeks (!) from Ebay anymore!

    Many thanks and appreciation from a new Aussie (Sydney) fan! Cy.

  17. Hooo good.
    This is great.

    I'm post in facebook for my friends.

  18. I got a hair donut yesterday and I was having trouble since my hair is so long, but this really helped! Thanks!

  19. I have made a hair donut just as you have shown but with one difference... I put 2 socks inside one another before cutting the front parts.You will have a rounder and firmer donut.


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