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This post is not beauty related but it should be very important for every woman. Two bloggers Lauren and Sharon is having a project to help support cervical cancer. That is a very serious problem and a lot of women are afraid to check their health condition and when they finally do a cervical smear test, it can be too late to cure the cancer. For more information please check these links: and

If you have noticed, there is a new icon in the right side of my blog. You can also grab it and upload it into your blog to increase the awareness about cervical cancer to your readers.

What is more, these ladies are having a competition for this worthwhile cause called "heels that heal". all you need to do is send a picture of you wearing your favorite heels. I've made a picture of my favorite heels and edited it to look like a wallpaper.

So remember, health is the most important thing and never wait till the last minute!



  1. Sugar, just woke up to discover you had become a follower over @ My Passport to Style and was really touched @ the way in which you had highlighted our cause! Welcome to My Passport Style, please feel free to grab our button top right of our page, it has been designed to be displayed by proactive women like yourself that are committed to spreading the word among the blogging community and suporting our event!I hope you don't mind but since you are now a follower, you entitled to enter our Heels that Heal competition, so I am including your picture featured here as your entry!The competition ends today @ 4pm UK time entries can be sent to Sharon xxxoo

  2. thanks for posting about this very important subject.

  3. Hi Lauren, excuse me for confusing your name, Im a new follower here.Please visit My Passport to Style,there is a surprise for you there, I think you will like it! Sharon xxoo

  4. @My Passport to Style: Thanks for the first place in your competition! :)

    @Elise: You are welcome! it is very important to take care of yourself ~

  5. Oh I love your entry! The pink and black combination is so beautiful:) Congrats!!

  6. The pic looks so nice! I didn't know it was yours! Looks like a fashion ad or sth! so nice!


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