Beach time

Hi, pretty followers!

I am back home from our trip to the beach:) We've been there just for 3 days because my baby is working hard and couldn't have more that 3 days off of his work. But we really had the most fantastic time together! The sun was shining all the time, the weather was amazing and the waves were soooo huge!!! I even got myself some tan!! yey ^_^
The view from our apartament was also spectacular. We had very long evening walks by the seashore and enjoyed talking to each other:) I love my boyfriend so much and he is the most wonderful and understanding person in the world!!!
My Boyf took tons of pictures of me! hehe! yes, I am that person which loves camera :D

So here are the pictures from our trip. First day after our 4 hours trip with the train I was really tired that I got asleep at the beach :D It is so funny because I covered all my body with everything that was near. You can see me sleeping in the picture below.

As I said the waves were huge and it was so much fun jumping over them.

That's me in the picture below trying to get used to the cold water :D

And of course our initials in the sand <3
Here is the view from our apartament and a beautiful rainbow.
Me posing in front of the ancient ship.

The last day of our trip we had an opportunity to visit the sea museum and see some underwater plants and animals and a fantastic exibition of the anchors from the ancient times to today. So check the pictures from there below:)

Hope you guys like it:)

Have a great evening,


  1. Love your pictures!!! Looks like a great getaway!! Glad to hear you enjoy it a lot!!

  2. Awww looks like you had an awesome time... You look beautiful hun!!

  3. hey doll!

    thanks for a sweet comment on my page.. you know what.. i really love your creativity! You contest entry is always make me wanna boom boom pow!

    btw, i followed you

  4. OMG yay! Pictures!! I'm glad to hear that you two had such a great time~! ^__^ You look really pretty in those pictures, & totally look like a model in that last one ;D

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh the beach! I have yet to visit the beach this summer - sigh

  6. u look gorjuz hun,i love ur hair very pretty and it looks like u had a great time

  7. @Victoria: thanks, girl! :)

    @Dannimag: oh yes, I enjoyed it a lot!! :)

    @Marylynn: glad that you liked them~!

    @Cupcake Couture: thanks, pretty! I really got an amazing time with my Love:)

  8. @gracie: thanks for the follow and I am really happy that you like my contest entries! <3

    @Dana Yoshimizu : Hi, hun! yes it was awesome! :) and thanks for sweet comment :D

    @Jae: Hope you will have an opportunity to visit the beach cause it is sooo fun!!

  9. @Skye : thanks for your sweet words, hun xx

  10. Great pics.. looks liek a great mini-break!!! :)xx

  11. @Tali: oh, yes it was great break! :)


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