Contest entry: Grimm's fairytale character

Hi, girls!

Pretty blogger from is having a Grimm's fairytale character contest. I decided to enter that contest! My favorite Grimm's fairytale is The Snowhite. And the contest rules require to add a twist of dark so i chose not the snowhite but her evil mother. The evil mother is really interesting character for me and I really tried to achieve her angry look when her mirror told her that she isn't the most beautiful looking person in the world. So this is my look:

What products I used:


  1. Woah.. fabulous!! Thanks for your entry... i love the 3rd cool!! :))

  2. Wow!! This is Awesome!!!! Good luck on the contest, I hope you win!!! xx

  3. @Tali: I had a lot of fut doing that look :)

    @Parisky: Thanks ;)

    @Dannimag: Thank you, pretty! <3

  4. OMG, seriously you can win with this look!! I wish you good luck, but I doubt you'll be needing it because you just look so gosh darn awesome! Great contest entry

  5. wow.. that's a pretty creative look!!! <3 it!
    good luck sugar!!!

  6. @Dana Yoshimizu: THANK YOU, honey!!!!!! :D I'm glad you liked it sooo much <3

    @*~kAy~*: thanks, pretty! xx

  7. wow this looks so good!!

    nicola xx

  8. honney my email is

    You didnt win BUT because i liked it so much you won a small prize! (you will find out later tonight on my blog a little more details)
    I need you email me your full name and adress so i can send it to you!! :) xxxx


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