Contest entry: Flower power

As I mentioned earlier I have some new contest looks. The pretty blogger Denise from is hosting a contest and you need to make a look inspired by any kind of flower.

Here are the rules and the prize:

1.) You must be a follower in my blog
2.) Post a picture of your inspiration and the actual look. (A full face and a close up)
3.) List all the products that was used.
4.) The post has to be a new post, you can’t repost any old pictures from your blog.
5.) You need to post my giveaway in your blog including the link to this post.
6.) Write in the comment portion the link to where you have reposted my contest.
7.) If you win you must give me an email address where I can contact you.
- This contest is open to anyone in the world.
-Contest will end on July 25, 2009

The goodies:

I did my look inspired by the picture of yellow/red Dahlia.
Here is my inspiration:

And here is my look:

And here is what I used:
120 eye-shadow palette + L'oreal mineral powder


  1. It looks like you had so much fun with this look! Hope you win~ check out my blog too? I also have a contest going that is super easy to enter and you get 15% off one item just for entering~

  2. @Pink Coast Designs: thanks girl, i will definitely check your blog ;)

  3. thank you for your comment <3 I'd much have your gorgeous classic english look. Your just so glamourously beautiful! what lucky genes you got!!


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