blog award+some other stuff+I've won the contest!!!

Hi, girls!

How are you doing? First of all, happy 4th of July for all the readers in the U.S! Hope you guys had a fantastic holiday! In Lithuania we also have a public holiday and my Boyf is off of the work for 3 days! yey! So yesterday me, Boyf and our best friends couple had a nice moto-ride to the oldtown. It is so much fun to put the helmets on and have a great ride while the wind is blowing into your face. We went to the beautiful park by the river where we played with the throwing plate! hehe :D We had a realy great time together!


Some time ago a very lovely lady *~kAy~* from Gurly things nominated me for the butterfly award. I am soooo happy and thank you darling so much!!! I am going to put this into the right side of my blog as soon as I manage how to do that :D


Today I've received an e-mail from darlingV telling me that I've won the 1st place in her CONTEST! OMG OMG!!! You can't imagine how happy I was in that moment!!! I was thrilled and shocked in a good way! Thank you girl soooooooo much for hosting the contest and for the first place:)

Have a nice day,


  1. Congrats girl!!!! You did an awesome job!!! You deserve the 1st place for sure!! I have a wonderful july 4th with my bf and his family.
    And your day sounds wonderful, wish we can do that, but all of our good friends moved to different states. anyway, Congrats!!

  2. congratulations on winning the contest!!!! <3 that was a really pretty look! <3 the fish inspired contest right? :)

    :) I'm so glad you are happy! you really deserve the butterfly award! <3 love your blog :)

    your moto-ride sounds so so fun!!! :) i would definitely try something like that! :P

  3. @Danimag: thanks for your congrats girl! I'm glad that you had a fantastic july 4th with your bf:) And hope you guys find a couple of nice people to spend your freetime with :)x

  4. @*~kAy~* Thank you girl! yes, it was fish inspired look contest.

    I am so stupid and i forgot to nominate other bloggers for that buttefly award i've received. But i will do it ASAP:D

    And you MUST have a moto-ride 'cause it is the most exciting thing to do in summer :)x

  5. i passed my motorcycle test! <3
    thanks for asking :)
    so i'm pretty excited to get my motorcycle license soon :P

  6. Congratz! on everything! hahaha... lucky girl!


  7. thanks for following me :)
    i've also followed you.

    youre beautiful. i love the eye make up. come do mine! haha :)

  8. hey girlie! thanks for following!! im following ur blog too, congrats in winning 1st place!!

  9. Thanks for your nice comments, girls! I really appreciate it!


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