Contest entry: Favorite book character

Hi, my lovely readers!

A lot of contests are going on right now and I really love to take all the challenges of making something interesting:)

Pretty blogger kawaiikao is hosting a favorite book character contest and here is my entry.

I am a big fan of books since my childhood.
One of my favorite books was The Little Mermaid because all the story is really pretty and the Mermaid is really beautiful character. Also since my hair are very long a lot of people started to call me "mermaid". I had a lot of fun while making this look! I also made a pair of blue artificial eyelashes to brighten all that look:)

So here is the result:

With artificial eyelashes
Some pictures with pretty shells

In picture below you cannot see my makeup,
but you can see my necklace from Mexico also made of shell

Without false eyelashes

Here is a picture of things I used:

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Very Pretty Look!
    Good Luck!

  2. you look like a sea goddess!>..very pretty ;)

  3. You do remind me of a mermaid because of your hair. hehe. Pretty makeup. Best of luck on the contest. =)

  4. wow! you look like ariel <3

  5. You always have such great looks!

  6. i love your mermaid look <3
    and i agree!!! <3 whenever me and my friend would make our hair like yours, we'd call it 'mermaid hair' <3

  7. Your so pretty and I LOVE your hair x

  8. this is so cool ! love your hair ;)

  9. Awesome work! & sweet blog

    follow me please =]

  10. Wow very pretty ^_^. Tnx for droppin' by my blog & following, followed you back :)

  11. thanks for your supportive words, girls! I really appreciate each and every one comment :) Take care <3

  12. love the make up! Im a new follower of your blog =)


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