Contest entry: Luxury Lust

Hi, everyone!

Pretty blogger Robyn from is hosting a Luxury lust-designer ispiration contest. So here is my entry.

I decided to make a look inspired by Chanel. For me Chanel is always connected with two crossed golden or black letters C. Chanel is also creates the most luxuriuos designs, in my opinion. I also adore how expensive every collection of them looks. They also always make the best makeup for their models and I love how they make models' hair for campaigns.

I tried to create an expensive, golden and black look. For my inspirational photo I actually combined 3 pictures of different details which mostly inspired me for my look. So this is chanel logo, bag and a model from the 2008 fall collection.

And here is what i came up with:

In first picture I did my look to create the campaign of Chanel glasses! hehe, I would be the luckiest girl to participate in Chanel photoshoot:D

And other pictures are for the make-up:

Hope you guys like it,
Till the next time! <3


  1. Heyyy!!Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you, i've been at my boyfriends house for a couple of days and his internet connection is BAD hehe.Yeah i cant wait to go on holiday JUST ONE WEEK TO GO :) oooh i read your post about the beach it looked so fun!Thankyou soooo much for the lovely comment you left and how much you appreciate my blog, it really means a lot to me!!p.s YOU should be in that Chanel shoot, i think your make up looks much better than the models!! HOTT xoxo :D

  2. Good luck on the contest, I hope you win! :) I really wanted to do an entry for Robyn's contest, but my creativity is sort of dried out at the moment =/ & there's no way I can compete with this! haha

  3. @vanessita6xx: Hi, pretty! I really like your blog and it is really nice to have such a cute follower like you :) I also enjoy reading your comments in my blog, so Thank you! <3

    @Dana Yoshimizu: thanks on your sweet comment:) Hope that your creativity will come back soon with a huge power and we will see some new nice looks from you! xx

  4. gorgeous lady!!! Thanks so much for entering and good luck!!!

  5. good luck on the contest!
    I think you've done a great job, I love the make up and the pics!


  6. @R.C: thanks for hosting the contest, hun!:)

    @Toothfairynotes: I'm gald that you liked the look! ;)

  7. thanks for the compliment hun :) the chanel looks great

  8. Very nice entry, I hope you win ^_^. Goodluck goodluck girl.

    And tnx for droppin' by my blog, appreciate it a lot. The Hangover is one funny movie ^_^

  9. @leslielovesmakeup: thanks :)

    @twinsouls888: Thanks, hun :)

  10. if u dont win hun there crazy ur look AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ur so talented i actually thought it was a model.great work

  11. @Skye: thanks for such a sweet comment! :)

  12. I love your look for this contest. This can certainly be used for editorial purposes or something like it. Your first two photos look like an ad for Chanel. They're absolutely fab!

  13. good luck on the contest! who doesnt love chanel? i do!

  14. You're photo is the background from my (dutch) facebook. it's called hyves. If you wanna check out:



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